Our Inspiration

Rosaria Franco, was our Nonna.
Nonna loved to laugh and loved to make others laugh too. Her little house was always filled with guests who would just pop by. No one called to "arrange" a get together, they would just walk in and stay for a visit, a coffee and a treat. Nonna would be there to greet everyone with open arms and heart.
You would always find her in the kitchen mixing up something new. She loved to make traditional Italian dishes but also enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen.
She inspired us through her stories, her faith and her love of life and food.
For us it's more than just food - It's traditions, family, and life lessons that were learned along the way. The meals simply provided the path to form those lessons.
Traditions help us understand who we are and where we come from. Sharing a meal unites us as friends and family.  We hope to inspire you as our Nonna inspired us to create our own traditions.